TAHA TRUST perambalur


Any vacancy in the Board Trustees shall be filled up by the remaining members of the Trust selecting a suitable person.

TAHA TRUST perambalur


The managing trustee shall preside over all the meetings of the trustees and in his absence the trustee the other trust members shall preside such meeting and in the absence of both, the trustees attended such meeting may elect any one of them to preside over the meeting;
The meetings of the trustees may be convened by the managing trustee or under his direction by any other trustees.
The quorum of the meeting of the trustees shall be four personally present.
In the event of equality of votes, the person presiding such meeting shall exercise casting vote(additional vote)
TAHA TRUST perambalur


The Trustees may exercise all the powers vested in them in clause 10 under these presents by resolution passed at a simple majority of the trustees attended such meetings of the Board of Trustees.
Any resolution in writing signed by all Trustees holding office for the time being shall be valid and binding.

The Board of Trustees shall have the control and management of the Trust and exercise the following powers:

To determine from to time to commence and to take up the object and purpose for which the funds of the trust shall be used and allot and allocate to each of the objects such portion of the funds as they deem fit;
To purchase and acquire any immovable property of any kind for this object of the Trust or as a source of income for the Trust
To sell, mortgae, or dispose of any immovable property/properties belonging to the Trust;
To incur all expenditure necessary as in their own opinion useful for carrying out the objects and administration of the trust;
To sell, lease, morgage or dispose of any property, immovable property/properties belonging to the Trust;
The managing trustee Haji Mr.Muhamad Ali D, and the Treasure, Haji Sheik Ibrahim has the right to open one or more bank accounts of the trust with any bank or banks as to operate, deposit, withdraw and sign on Cheques Jointly in the Bank accounts.
To borrow for and on behalf of the Trust with or without security from banks Governments, Universities or any other government Body/bodies both central and state;
To employ staff of all kinds necessary and useful for carrying out the objects of the trust.
To incur such other items of expenditure as is necessay and incidental for carrying out the objects of the Trust;
To institute, conduct, defend, compoud, withdraw, compromise, adjust, refer to arbitration or to do such things as are incidental and necessary, concerning the affairs of the Trust and to sign and verify vakalats, pleadings, affidavits and other powes
To delegate all or any of the powers vested in the Trustees to any body to frame rules, bylaws and other codes for the conduct of the affairs of the Trust and its transactions and establishing any committee;
To accept contributions in cash or in kind either by way of addition to the trust funds generally or for any one or more of the specified objects of the Trust.
To establish as many adhoc committees for any purpose.


The Trustees shall maintain true and correct accounts of all Trust monies and of all the income and investments and all the outgoing expenses.
The year of account shall be the financial year commencing from 1st APRIL and ending 31st March,
The Trustees shall each year issue a report setting out the accounts showing the income and expenditure of the Trust for the preceding year not later than six months from the end of the preceding year of accounts.
The accounts of the Trust shall be audited every year by a chartered accountant who may be appointed for the purpose by the board of trustees and the audited statement of accounts together with Auditors' report shall be laid before the Board of Trustees for approval.